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    could of just said that instead of making a ridiculous title
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    A whole 8 months, will be a year soon. Last review was a long time ago and the cheat has come a long way since then so will do a fresh one for anyone contemplating whether or not to buy the cheat. ========================================================================================================================= Rage - 9/10. Resolver in my opinion is the best out of any cheat I've used and tbh Zeus' resolvers have always had something to them which for me has made them ridiculously op, there was a patch where it seemed real Bipolar but now it seems to be at a consistent performance. The freestanding doesn't really match the Resolver in terms of how good it is, quite often find it moving for the wrong person when faced by multiple people, it's still quality though. Hitboxes seem really accurate, override works a treat as well. I've had issues with Fakelag Prediction where it just seems to shoot at nothing when enemies are in air, doesn't say missed due to spread either but could just be me. Backtracking is extremely good as well, especially ping spike, it feels pretty consistent and accurate. Fakewalk is really good, you can change the speed of it too. ========================================================================================================================== Legit - ?/10. Not gonna lie, personally don't use this cheat for legit as I don't play mm that much so can't give a review on this. ========================================================================================================================== Visuals - 9/10. Visuals in a cheat are extremely important, not only for me but for anyone who watched my videos, thankfully the devs know what looks good and what doesn't a long with the community of course. A lot of customisation to the visuals which is always a +1, also fps is not an issue at all for me. Could definitely do with more stuff to play around with, new night modes of some sort (especially for office cause it's extremely dark for some reason), new sky boxes, additional hitmarkers, separately change the local player chams. Would love to see some of these btw. ========================================================================================================================== Misc - 9/10. This will be for like everything else on the cheat, I mean it has everything you need. Skins are fine like they should be but you can search for the skin you want which takes a lot of hassle away, Fakelag works perfectly, obviously it is an issue when talking. There's nothing really unique though. ========================================================================================================================== Staff - 10/10. I can't stress how important it is to have active and friendly staff, especially the developers on a cheat. I believe it's Reis who works Primarily on the CSGO cheat and if you go through pretty much any Suggestion thread he has always deposited his input which you rarely see with other cheats, he actually listens and updates the cheat frequently. Same can be said with admin who again updates the loader frequently and fixes bugs pretty much instantly, haven't had much experience with a lot of the moderators but whenever I have needed it they were helpful in resolving issues. I think Ray works on pretty much everything else like Gmod and what not, but he is also active in the community and constantly offering help when it's needed. =========================================================================================================================== Community - hmm/10. Stop with the extensive emojis on your "skeet slaying" config selling posts pls no hate Overall: It's gud chet i prmise bird hak > all
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    nice english l0l, go back to cshacked polish ape

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