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    Added Day of Defeat: Source...
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    It does pretty well against every main p2c, not much more can be expected out of a cheat that's testing phase started less than a week ago.
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    i make it short and simple because my english sucks Legit ?/10 (never used it) AntiAim 8.5/10 it felt like i had no anti aim till i was told to use jitter and not static after that its good and any cheat dumping on edge when they dont force baim you. still needs a bit more options in my opinion Rage 8/10 improved very much compared to day1 and its strong af just a bit bipolar thats why i give it a 8 and not a 9-10 Visuals 10/10 omg i love this visuals the glow is just amazing and something i rlly miss on other cheats Misc 9/10 everything you need for sure but i dont like the clantagchanger (i dont like the scrolling i prefer the building like evolve skeet ) Skinchanger 10/10 skinchanger working fine and its nice and easy to use overall its a very good cheat for a beta in my opinion
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    Added Synergy...
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    Added HL2DM...
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    What do you mean? It's beautiful.
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    n1 ch(g)a(y)nce

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