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    Good news everyone! With every purchase of VIP access to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Garry's Mod you get FREE access to other subscriptions. Simply add any of the free items below to your cart and checkout for FREE.
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    When i found out American Eagle was making cheats i knew i had to get it, best decision of my life tbch
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    bird hank best hank CACAAAAAWWWW
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    Legitbot - 9/10 - Clean, easy to use, looks very legit. Used on main, not banned. Lacks some features like humanize aimbot tho. Ragebot - 10/10 - Simply the best. Resolver needs some tweaks but it works as intended. Antiaim - 9/10 - Now, i am not the best at setting up antiaim settings, and i have been using configs found on the forum (thanks @chance, best configs :3) and most cheats dump me. Fakelag needs some tweaks and changes. Visuals - 11/10 - The visuals are clean as fuck, looking good. One thing i want to ask tho, why is the clantag changer/spammer in the 'Visuals' tab? Also, you should change the molotov indicator from 'Inferno' to 'Molly'. Misc - 9/10 - Has all the features you would want from a cheat. Keybinds for configs would be nice tho. Skinchanger - ?/10 - Did not use. Probably works fine tho. Plist - ?/10 - Did not use. Menu - 8/10 - The menu layout is like a maze, you should make a new section for configs, so you dont have to go to the misc tab and then click on configs. Staff - 10/10 - Boi, the zeus staff is friendly, the coders are working hard on the cheats, best staff imo. Overall - 9.7 - Would recommend the cheat to everyone, sadly, there arent any slots left. I'm hoping that we will be able to renew out subs somehow, if not, well, back to other cheats for a while BIRD HANK BEST HANK
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    Added Day of Defeat: Source...
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    I'm gay and in love with nejD
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    These the kids that say you have a shit hack in csgo
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    I do tickets every day. Every ticket is responded to within a 24 hour time period and if it's not it's a question that I myself cannot answer and requested another admin to look into it, WHEN THEY CAN.
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    CyberMonday2017 Use the code "CyberMonday2017" when purchasing for 10% discount.
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    Rage 4/10 I mean, it hits when it feels like it. Which is sometimes. You learn not to expect a lot, which makes baiming people feel a lot better. Resolver 3/10 youre more likely to fuck a hentai girl than hit someone whos actually desyncing Visuals 2018/10 its just getzeus, what do you want from me? AA - 7/10 While it is quite good, it could use some improvements. And some indicator of where the fake is would be nice. Legit - 1/10 Was better as Legit mode enable / legit mode backtracking. Kinda horrible. Smooth is blatant af unless at 100. everything else kills fps. And the rcs sucks ass. Format copied from Vexxed
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    It does pretty well against every main p2c, not much more can be expected out of a cheat that's testing phase started less than a week ago.
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    i make it short and simple because my english sucks Legit ?/10 (never used it) AntiAim 8.5/10 it felt like i had no anti aim till i was told to use jitter and not static after that its good and any cheat dumping on edge when they dont force baim you. still needs a bit more options in my opinion Rage 8/10 improved very much compared to day1 and its strong af just a bit bipolar thats why i give it a 8 and not a 9-10 Visuals 10/10 omg i love this visuals the glow is just amazing and something i rlly miss on other cheats Misc 9/10 everything you need for sure but i dont like the clantagchanger (i dont like the scrolling i prefer the building like evolve skeet ) Skinchanger 10/10 skinchanger working fine and its nice and easy to use overall its a very good cheat for a beta in my opinion
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    Added Synergy...
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    Added HL2DM...
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    cuz bro they expect the devtest build because their hvhbrain opinion of "beta" means "private" lol 5iq gamer community wat u expect !
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    A Detailed Review : Legitbot : 9 / 10 - I am going to say legit bot is good , it has separate configurations for different weapons it has everything you need i.e - Smoothness , RCS , trigger bot, delay shot, Sometimes the hitbox selection can be a bit snappy and look a bit obvious but thats probably because i havent spent a long amount of time configuring my legit settings all in all its good for legit ! - Suggestions for Legitbot : - Add some sort of legit AA and Backtracking / Fakeping Lag settings. + RAGEBOT ! : 8 / 10 - Right where to start , The ragebot has the ability to surpass EVERY other cheat out there right now for HvH It has nearly all the essential features and can hit head and body before most cheats 99% of the time ! It has an easy to config menu and some nice features like : scale on damage, Baim preferences And seperate scaling points , The reason its only getting an 8 is as follows. Suggestions for RAGEBOT : - Resolver needs to be improved It hits perfectly fine with an amazing config but it will still miss some easy shots on people that are edging / fast peeking. It needs a few options updating : more hitbox selection , hp+2 +3 +4 +5, Separate weapon configs, Autostop fix and target selections "closest & danger". + AntiAim : 10 / 10 - GetZe.us have one of the best AA's around at the moment it has everything you need including a switch mode , There is minor tweaks to be made but ... hats off to the developer for making a good AA ! Suggestions for AntiAim: - The only things i can think of is to be able to see your fake , and add more AA options like 180 jitter etc and please separate the standing + in air AA !. + Visuals : 9 / 10 Visuals are pretty perfect it has all the things you want like , removals , disable post processing , it has different cham types compared to other types the pulse on getzeus is by far the best visual i have seen ! it has all your indicators and nade tracers , hit sounds and they even give you a flashlight option , im not sure what for but it seems fun. Sometimes the esp goes dead but its just something you have to work with right now ! Suggestions for Visuals : - Now this covers some things i already mentioned like Chams for AA , It would be great to have that ! Far esp and dormant esp could be added to the cheat to give us an advantage , Adding colour slider instead of a palette would be better In my opinion. + Misc : 8 / 10 - Misc is pretty standard , it includes fake lag movement your restrictions and exploits tab , Everything works just fine and you can save and update your cfg's how ever you like there's no limitations ! Suggestions for Misc & Other stuff : - Fake lag option to be visible {ghost chams} would be a big help so you can see your own Backtrack, There is currently only one exploit as of right now more could be added {double tap , break lag, rapid fire etc..} , Fake duck visual fix would be nice also ! Summary : Getze.us Is a good cheat But needs some updates - i have no problmem top fragging in big servers like rantei$ or Demigod$ Server ! 9 / 10 . +Rep if you agree Thankyou this took me a while !
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    why do i see so many people complaining about this?.. without a private beta there'd be 50x more posts in the bugs & glitches section
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    https://gyazo.com/da1796078ab6ac385556604fb56f2554 30-5 https://gyazo.com/e022a8c154ef6d15d21fcf6ac09ffed2 41-10 https://gyazo.com/650c7450b9eace37e9c5eb3441d4ae97 21-3 @reis Your cheat hitting p btw
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    Made a short hvh highlight edit/videoenings.
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    At first the cheat was bad until 13 days then the cheat updated and hitted every shot 20$ is a creap for such a good cheat
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    When you can cheat better than other cheaters in a video game
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    Literally the best hack just bought reking skeet
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    Just because it has one feature doesn't mean it's bad. This will change though. It's going to be implemented soon. @OnlyHeda @TapseN
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    Nice English. But yeah understandable, I guess. I think you forgot to take into account that, you're not support. There's 2000+ users and there's 4 of us. Every cheat has its up and downs, pros and cons, but just because the support isn't perfect and doesn't respond in a hour, doesn't mean it's shit. Aimware does their HWID reset within a 24 hour period as well if I recall correctly. And sometimes its a bit longer during the holidays. You're just impatient. But that's okay, there's always going to be people that think like you and have high expectations for everything in their life and when they don't get what the want in a timely manner, they freak out. I'm sorry your wait time is long for your HWID reset.
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    This area of the forums is for posting media with Zeus. This should be clear already, but we have an area of the forums called "Marketplace" specifically for advertising things. If you advertise in anywhere besides Marketplace, your post will be moved; if you violate this rule repeatedly, you will be restricted from posting. It is fine to have your Selly as your in-game name for screenshots. You can post a screenshot with your name as your Selly and say "refer to my steam if you'd like to buy configs" or something of that sort without trouble, so feel free to do that in your posts. Rules for bumping: - Bumping is allowed with 24 hour breaks in between. - Replying to an ineffectual post on your topic (Such as a comment saying "nice" ) WILL be considered as bumping. If we see you doing this often, it will result in a posting restriction and your topic will be locked. Criteria to get your post moved to marketplace: - Advertising in the Title of the post - Advertising in the contents of the post (excluding in-game screenshots) - Bumping a post multiple times with your advertisement ANYWHERE in the post (INCLUDING screenshots) If you follow these guidelines you shouldn't ever run into trouble with your posts in this topic. Before posting elsewhere, make sure to check for the rules specific to that sub-forum; if there are none, use common sense.
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    i pay 20 usd a month for the community not the hack
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