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  1. (HL2:DM) trolling old people

    apparently one of them thought i was using a voice changer & when I was using aimbot they thought I was naturally good, and then when I was playing legit they thought I was hacking? lol.. also what's funny I think they thought I was cheating not because of the aim.. but how my playstyle was.
  2. für das vaterland

  3. (HL2:DM) trolling old people

    part 2
  4. (GMOD) fast hack

    ~ i was planning on doing dark rp videos w/ the hack & trolling and shit but currently I don't have my pc w/ me so I bought zeus again on another account (dylanX) I had a bunch of fun w/ the hack on dark rp, but I couldn't record any of those clips ;-;
  5. (GMOD) fast hack

    yeah I been using the keypad logger stuff, and they freak out how I found their codes
  6. feedback

    csgo: I haven’t used it for hvh ever really to be honest (just tested the resolver with some people I know) which it had some issues with e spam, and I’m pretty sure that’s fixed now. The cheat is pretty decent for a new rebrand. The visuals are pretty good in my opinion, and they’re not eye rapey.. Now to the menu.. it’s pretty good simple ui, and it’s easy to use. I just don’t like that that home page feeling to the menu where you have to select those big boxes “rage legit visuals” I rather just have some simple text box on top of the menu, and that would be easier navigation gmod: better than bigpckets, and aimware imo
  7. rip zeus again

    rip zeus ayyware now rip zeus imgui goodbye again till they come back a year later
  8. rip zeus again

  9. rip zeus again

  10. Zeus Media [20 Screenshots]

    I destroy you in every 1v1
  11. Bird Hak School Work

    I’m the best one in the class bro best drawing brook best hand writing

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