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    Can you all just stop freaking posting messages about this? Just wait.
  2. So I had recently paused a zeus sub and was wondering what I could do to get it unfrozen. Thanks. -Shiftpro
  3. Correction *when you can purchase again*
  4. Unpausing a subscription.

    Well since I am bored, and hvh is not really fun anymore. I would like to unpause my subscription to Zeus if that is possible. I don't have a support tab so I have to put it here I guess. I'd use the hack for legit and very little hvh. Maybe with some friends. But yes, is there anyway for me to unfreeze my zeus sub? Thanks! -Shiftpro
  5. Unpausing a subscription.

    P.S. the next cheat I buy will be zeus again. I like the support and the effort put into the hack. Thanks!
  6. I can promote your cheat!

    no am not staff lol
  7. I can promote your cheat!

    Hey! I am sorry but I don't think any of us would actually do that. I am pretty sure you are just trying to pull a fast one. Although, that was a terrible statement and I am 100% sure you are not getting anything for free because afterall, this cheat is mainly for hvh and you wanna be a bhop. (CLOSET CHEATER) Plus you didn't even link a youtube channel..

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