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  1. (HL2:DM) trolling old people

    You should try Day of Defeat Source that game is filled with middle aged men who take the game too seriously.
  2. Good News!

    Added Day of Defeat: Source...
  3. Good News!

    Added Synergy...
  4. Why you can't currently buy getze.us?

    I do not understand.
  5. Good News!

    Added HL2DM...
  6. new cheat question

  7. Good News!

    Good news everyone! With every purchase of VIP access to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Garry's Mod you get FREE access to other subscriptions. Simply add any of the free items below to your cart and checkout for FREE.
  8. Anything new with the gmod version?

    We already had HG support just never published it to the public. We can add an option for it.
  9. Anything new with the gmod version?

    We haven't touched the Glua loader. We are still constantly developing it, we've added tons of optimisation fixes recently which makes playing Garry's Mod butter smooth. * * Considering your machine can already handle Garry's Mod by itself.
  10. Beta

    It will be on a first come, first served basis.
  11. Beta Launch

  12. getze.us

    There is a plan to publish a 2018 version, but it may be delayed. We are also planning offering a plugin system, but again that might be delayed at launch.
  13. Russian moderator?

  14. about the release

    Regarding price, it will be the same as it used to be — in fact we are planning to offer a permanent discount if paid with Bitcoin. Regarding payment methods, we will offer PayPal and Bitcoin. Regarding older versions, we are planning on releasing a compatible product to work with the year of 2018. Regarding the absence, yes we were working behind the scenes, these things take time.
  15. gmod hack

    Yes, but we are planning to end support for Windows 7.

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