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  1. STOCK

    It takes a while for Stonks to go up. It's an investment. And my oh my it's looking good!
  2. release time

    Honestly as good of the sound of a one time purchase sounds I personally would rather them not have that option. I feel like one time purchase can make the developer of any product less motivated than monthly income. Probably why they didn't have that option before and will go back to the last payment of options of $20 a month via PayPal, or Bit Coin.
  3. release time

  4. release time

    Just like to point out to the people who are hugely hyped above. He said PLAN to release it by the end of this month. Don't get too hyped in case it get's delayed for any unexpected reason.
  5. 4th Of July SALE

    Sometimes I wish other people offer the ability like the people at mutiny does... the ability to pause subs ;/

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