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  1. Birb hank review

    who dis
  2. Birb hank review

    ms bai catel
  3. Birb hank review

    No problem gamer girl.
  4. Birb hank review

    Legitbot - 9/10 - Clean, easy to use, looks very legit. Used on main, not banned. Lacks some features like humanize aimbot tho. Ragebot - 10/10 - Simply the best. Resolver needs some tweaks but it works as intended. Antiaim - 9/10 - Now, i am not the best at setting up antiaim settings, and i have been using configs found on the forum (thanks @chance, best configs :3) and most cheats dump me. Fakelag needs some tweaks and changes. Visuals - 11/10 - The visuals are clean as fuck, looking good. One thing i want to ask tho, why is the clantag changer/spammer in the 'Visuals' tab? Also, you should change the molotov indicator from 'Inferno' to 'Molly'. Misc - 9/10 - Has all the features you would want from a cheat. Keybinds for configs would be nice tho. Skinchanger - ?/10 - Did not use. Probably works fine tho. Plist - ?/10 - Did not use. Menu - 8/10 - The menu layout is like a maze, you should make a new section for configs, so you dont have to go to the misc tab and then click on configs. Staff - 10/10 - Boi, the zeus staff is friendly, the coders are working hard on the cheats, best staff imo. Overall - 9.7 - Would recommend the cheat to everyone, sadly, there arent any slots left. I'm hoping that we will be able to renew out subs somehow, if not, well, back to other cheats for a while BIRD HANK BEST HANK
  5. best zeus media DAY 1

    bird hank best hank

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