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  1. My Opinion About Legit Cheating With Getze

    Its my opinion not urs lol.if there is legit section then i would like to see more legit stuff
  2. I did legit cheat with getze and it was pretty smooth tbh. If you are going to legit cheat with getze.us id rather buy a legit cheat for it. But i found a problem in getze.us that it doesnt have many options for cheating. Id expect more from getze.us to add more options to LEGIT section. i Know it's a hvh cheat but if there is this legit section id expect much more for there. MY answer is from 0-10 Legit cheating id give 6. #Shitenglish
  3. 60 Days Of Getze Review

    Menu 10 Resolver 9 AA-is my favourite 9(and when has manual AA it has those triangles where AA is aiming at b1g + ) HVH 10 Never lagged Overall i would give 9n half i have shit english also.

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