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  1. playing with the scout

    top of jump shots. nice video.

    Looks like cfg problem
  3. Hitting P Update

    i am very very bad player in hvh and Brazil people given their lives to the game, still i can get positive, so for me is hittin p. https://ibb.co/i50pAe
  4. Hitting P Update

    Just opening and 1tapping people. Godness!!!!!!!
  5. Getzeus finally updated!!! :D

    Nice man!
  6. a review of a beta user

    I know
  7. a review of a beta user

    If make easier to you understand i edit. But, even with my bad english i was able to make millions from here, in Brazil, using my poor english to make awensome business. So i really dont fucking care about it. Either no one should to get attached to this in a cheat forum. Instead of you, beta users and i are here to improve the cheat and the gameplay of everyone. So, you remain stupid egomaniac little chield, who trash talk beacause are jelaous of something you dont even understand. So, the reviews of beta are precisely vital fot this, and to give some spoilers about what´s to come in eagle. So stop crying and banking the english teacher, while the guys are working for something greater
  8. a review of a beta user

    Are you fucking retarded? Beta users testing the new features, this is why the elucidation they are in beta. Stupid kid
  9. Is Zeus Currently detected?

    Undetect, but if you uso high fov low smooth and play like a potato you will be banned with any cheat.
  10. Loader

    Nope, you need to set admin permissions for every software you use to cheat.
  11. Screenshot LEGITBOT

    And don't be too much obvious, try to not made pro player rounds, and you should be fine.
  12. a review of a beta user

    Wise words. Great cheat.

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