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  1. getze.us is not going to sell anymore?

    As of right now
  2. Dont kill zeus plz

    you must have been a genius at the start if you still have brain cells left
  3. what are you talking about? He's talking about his zeus forums account, not his cs:go account
  4. Last days with zeus V2,

    my last screenshot with it
  5. Dont kill zeus plz

    why is she the zeus in the closer i cri now ;(
  6. b1g n1ce

    That doesn't mean that he has a mental illness..
  7. b1g n1ce

    it's just funny at this point
  8. b1g n1ce

    He did it two times and only in the title, so if you think he has a mental problem because of that, you're the retarded one dude. It's just a meme.
  9. b1g n1ce

  10. Can't pay

    Contacting them through a support ticket*
  11. Can't pay

    This has to do with your payment processor. Try contacting them or use a different card / payment method
  12. Is Zeus UD?

    its really rare for it to get detected in a vac wave too, so the risk isn't as high as other p2c. I'm pretty sure last detection before this one was back in 2016 (not sure tho)
  13. Buying getze.us

    Why is this a thread? I don't find any question marks in it.

    and then get banned again cause formatting your pc doesn't mean the staff has forgiven you.

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