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  1. Got Them ft./Getze.us (Free Configs in desc)

    1. ping spike always on 2. almost mag dumped in first clip (at toes) conclusion: not good config or clips lol
  2. It clamps it. I can literally go record a video showing you are wrong.

    That's one hell of a detailed review, thanks.
  4. Very quick zeus review

  5. Unban Plea

    Shouldn't really post about this in the public (especially not your email) Go write the staff team a support ticket instead. Click here to get sent straight to the support page.
  6. are you fucking stupid? yes we do you monkey
  7. Hacked by RouterRage

    That's a really good config you got there, where did you get that from? https://selly.gg/@RouterRage ??
  8. Zeus Review [Honest input}

    Thanks for the honest review.
  9. Help Loader/Server

    Try it on a different network. If it still does not work then reply back.
  10. Getzeus finally updated!!! :D

    Great media by guy.

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