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  1. eevee

    hi eevee
  2. Last days with zeus V2,

    Last 2 days
  3. Last days with zeus V2,

  4. Bye

    Maybe if you weren't shit that wouldn't happen.
  5. bye reis you will be missed

    And you got this information where?
  6. I can't edit my profile

    You need a subscription for any cheat before you can update it.
  7. skeet users are bad

    Not to mention his beyond terrible movement.
  8. skeet users are bad

    Using zero pitch will break the resolver since it doesn't check it because dog hack. But, with them not resolving you, they were either Playerlisting you or they don't know how to setup the aimbot. The cheat doesn't miss that many shots. The resolver for NS HSO (when it doesn't come to pitch checks) is probably the best out there as of now.
  9. I want buy

    Offer some evidence to back up your claim.
  10. Buying problem..

  11. HVH Debate

    There's no trials. And it depends on what you want to use it for. In all honesty, if it's for HvH, buy zeus. If it's for legit, AIMWARE is better as of now.
  12. crimwalk v2?

  13. 60 Days Of Getze Review

    I'd have to agree with this. It feels weird compared to the old menu which I liked a lot better. Feels like it takes longer to navigate etc.
  14. Dark Light

    it also runs thru ur mom
  15. My opinion about zeus

    name an invite only hack better than zeus

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