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  1. Getzeus review from washed up hvher

    is this the community discord? ive been waiting to get a rank for days...
  2. Rage 4/10 I mean, it hits when it feels like it. Which is sometimes. You learn not to expect a lot, which makes baiming people feel a lot better. Resolver 3/10 youre more likely to fuck a hentai girl than hit someone whos actually desyncing Visuals 2018/10 its just getzeus, what do you want from me? AA - 7/10 While it is quite good, it could use some improvements. And some indicator of where the fake is would be nice. Legit - 1/10 Was better as Legit mode enable / legit mode backtracking. Kinda horrible. Smooth is blatant af unless at 100. everything else kills fps. And the rcs sucks ass. Format copied from Vexxed
  3. Surrender | getzeus + onefap


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