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  1. why the fuck

    because some of them are banned from gamesense, and now will be stuck using aimware.
  2. I guess this is goodbye?

    learn to spell the cheat that you use.
  3. Getze.us highlight 11 + CFG IN DESC

    how you gonna sell configs for a discontinued cheat?
  4. 1 Day Review

    I recently got this cheat, and I noticed the staff team is on top of the bugs/suggestions which is already a good sign. Rage 7/10 Resolver needs a little work, Most of the time I can hit standing still players in the head, but simple resolving issues sometimes happens. Other than that the ragebot is pretty good. Legit -/10 Haven't tried this. Visuals 10/10 I like the variety of options zeus provides. It's very clean and there isn't messy text any where. Misc 9/10 If the latency boost worked with no bugs, I would give it a 10/10. Overall 9/10 I like the staff and community, it's just the little things need to be worked on and fixed.

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