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  1. Honest Review.

    I mean shift aa Sends packets on Peak. That's how shift works most cheats send packets of fake lag on Jitter. To keep real behind wall and jitter fake/ Real out. I know tick-based anti aims. They use Fakelag with it. Doesn't Change the fact that its Doesn't fucking hit it.
  2. Honest Review.

    I understand that Love the work u guys do <3 Keep it up Just right now It's not up to my standards of what cheats I'm using But Will support u guys.
  3. Honest Review.

    This Cheat has to much hype around it. I won't lie to you. - Rage 6/10 First off this cheat needs lots more work. The Rage is Hard dumping any form of jitter/ Shift. Dysnc with packets. The Auto Just hard dumps Scout isn't hitting from 75-85 hc All I've tested. It is Very bipolar and just cluttered. Menu - 6/10 The cheat is hard to config/ Been configuring for 5+ years. Just looking at it is a jumbled up mess. The Manual AA isn't in the aa spot. The Cheat just looks Like its been throw together and no thought put into the cheat. AA - 8/10 While hard to make the AA is still decently well made they have a nice dysnc system but u can't do much with the aa. So, in my opinion, its good but good AA doesn't do much if ur auto doesn't pick up for it. Legit - Untested All round the cheat needs a lot of work from its previous Years of Commission. Love Getze.us But at the current state they released beta in I feel like it needed more testing before it was sold the public.

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