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  1. getze.us beta update

    too good
  2. Review after a long while.

    Making a cheat private doesn't make it automatically resolve better, hit better or give you any kind of better "luck". This goes against 99% of what I hear from customers who have used ev0lve (and non-customers). It was a highly requested/suggested feature so he added it, he's always working on improving the cheat so don't think he's always implementing features like this and ignoring the main functions of the cheat.
  3. First day using getze.us

    good shit
  4. Review

    have fun
  5. So Zeus Got An Update 10/10 ft LewB

    that's pretty epic
  6. Whats the new update

    A box of chocolates.
  7. New update

    ripping head gang
  8. Question About Cheat Features

    It does, bugs are being ironed out and features improved upon.
  9. epic gamer moment
  10. cool shit

    nice clips!
  11. You must watch this!

    cool vid, I like your editing style
  12. an eagle media vid

    dabbed upon gamers
  13. Don't buy supremacy

    Blue-screen likely triggered an anti-dumping mechanism and they banned you with no remorse.
  14. Legit Bot

    Legitbot is more than enough in my opinion, It just needs polishing and more tricks up it's sleeve to make it look even more like genuine gameplay.

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