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  1. question

    what art thou need
  2. eevee

    im goooood
  3. eevee

  4. R.I.P Getze

    Who art thou? @oppai
  5. Bye

    Sorry you're trash. @Juna
  6. Bye

    As far as I'm aware Zeus is better than any other P2C or private for that matter. You can disagree or agree, it's your personal preference or opinion.
  7. eeveee hit me up on discord bro silly
    #1337 i miss ya

  8. would this work?

    what do you mean
  9. HWID locked

    You have to first receive the error so to answer your question, no.
  10. 60 Days Of Getze Review

  11. Paypal [ Can i send via F&F for sub? ] @eevee

    No. @IwanMicade
  12. payment

    as of right now no
  13. Zeus code / trial

    We are not doing any coupons right now for obvious reasons and we do not do trials.
  14. Back my sub 28 days

    I know English is hard but translate properly please. lol

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