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  1. best paid cfg?

  2. best paid cfg?

    stop quoting me fan
  3. The leaked configs are some settings I made quickly for the new update. They're bad. Purchase my configs at: https://selly.gg/@bearhvh for new, perfect, updated configs. Configs so good on 430 ping admin has to serverside to kill me!
  4. Zeus Highlights | #16

  5. Zeus Highlights | 15

    english plz??
  6. Old Screenshots

    Purchase these configs at: https://selly.gg/@bearhvh v (with 300 ping)
  7. Zeus Review/Bird Hake

  8. Zeus Highlights | 15

    are you trying to say its good
  9. Eh it's pretty damn good
  10. Zeus Highlights | 15

    Better than your black man mumbling in microphone music

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