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  1. Mamma raised me as a thug

    I am not sure what HvH servers you have been playing but you are clearly misguided by members of staff or beta. 1. The resolver flags CSGO bots without anti aim as backwards and unresolved 2. The animation fix is from the previous year 3. It is by far the most unoptimized hack in comparison to every other p2c 4. Knifebot an asus props are nonexistent which i suppose can be excused by the fact the hack has only been in development for a few months 5. There are countless bugs in the menu and hack itself(holding control while trying to move sliders, nightmode disabling on map change, all the "Prefer baim" options are actually forced baim options ect) In conclusion, it is nowhere near up to the plate with what is expected of an HvH hack in the present day.
  2. Mamma raised me as a thug

    getze doesnt preform up to the standards of almost every main p2c
  3. Zeus destruction

    Pure hvh domination.

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