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  1. When Zeus Will be back

    the cheat is literally going private so your not gonna get it again just get another cheat like aimware, rifk or such
  2. Backtrack test

    wow..... weal backtrack
  3. free nospread hs config zeus!!!

    clyde you depressed fuck
  4. Automatically banned account by system

    If you read ToS you would of known and making a new account just to get it banned wont solve anything, just wait for @eevee to respond to you and if they dont then your fault for refunding without reading rules
  5. free nospread hs config zeus!!!

    i just looked at my config that i released and its exactly the same all the skins the esp colours jeez boy nice config skills atleast give credit where due @xKore
  6. free nospread hs config zeus!!!

    is this my config by any chance?
  7. How come i can run around without antiuntrusted and use untrusted angles?
  8. NoSpread Media

    you mean zeus <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< all This is the distance zeus is above every other cheat
  9. gucci gucci ft. getze.us

    tf is this quality ewwwww
  10. NoSpread Media

    bro we raped the shit out of them
  11. NoSpread Media

    Honestly people who say that zeus cant nospread or complain just hush. some treadhack kid was in the server and that still doesnt stop zeus. treadhack <<<<<<<<<< zeus ez. add me on discord for the config if you want. <3 wise#2989
  12. Rante$ Server doesnt clamp angles you can turn off anti-untrusted and you gucci
  13. UWU!! ft.zeus

  14. Help Loader/Server

    This problem might not be to do with your router but your Anti-Virus such as Malwarebytes doesn't allow you to connect to aimware forum so disable web protection on your Anti-Virus maybe that will help.

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