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  1. fIrSt dAy bAcK wItH zEuS

  2. C’mon this is media guys

    Seriously. Config selling in media. Kms. Move the damn sliders around.
  3. Burd Hank

    Yeah I can't really say anything different than what I can state: RageBot (15/10): Skeet? What Skeet? LegitBot: (5/10): Only has backtrack ATM. Visuals: (15/10): Makes you feel like a quake pro. Media From Earlier:
  4. Yikes, Kid Thought I Had Server Side on Gametime

  5. Yikes, Kid Thought I Had Server Side on Gametime

    ****Update: Kids started spamming me telling me to kms, I mean I guess they were mad?
  6. Check the entire gallery, I wish I had been recording this. Nothing but head. I had about 50 ss but they were all unknown so here. **Said if I was using Zeus it must be one bad fucking config**

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