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  1. # of slots

    ok so the release will be in a few hours from now. any idea of how many slots will be available?
  2. getze.us is not going to sell anymore?

    send a leg pic to @eevee and you'll get a sub
  3. Can’t post in media section so here.

    wtf gay men above
  4. Help Loader/Server

    It's a temporary DNS problem on your ISP's end. As suggested above, use your phone as router to load the cheat.

    nice configs fellas

    I'm sorry if this is too long, but you should definitely take a look at this review if you're willing to buy the cheat. I guarantee you won't regret it Also, if you're starting in HvH, feel free to take a look at my configs, they're free: https://getze.us/forum/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=3237 Intro Hello. I started playing CS at 2011 with CS: Source & started HvHing in 2013 (yeah it was a lot nicer & actually funny), so I have a bit of experience, hehe. I first bought this cheat on December 2017, one month after the comeback. The (csgo) cheat was on it's early stages: there were some general bugs but overall zeus was really good. It was easily the best public csgo cheat available. The loader, however, was a bit slow sometimes & the login screen was a bit ugly to be fair, hehe. Then it happened, zeus got cracked. Again. But I think that didn't matter much this time around. Of course, having the product you worked so hard on being released publicly for free is bad, but that made a lot of security improvements happen. Overall, the staff did a really good job at handling the situation. In February I stopped playing CS because of college. I came back in July and fuck, a lot has changed. New menu, even better resolver, finally a legit bot, an amazing nospread mode, new visual options, and so on. Not only the csgo cheat, the loader is a lot better as well: faster (a hell of a lot faster), prettier & I'm sure it's even more secure. It is really good to see that you guys keep evolving in every aspect. Also, whoever worked on the new menu did an amazing job. Fit that many options without making it feel cluttered is really hard. Congrats. The Staff: 9/10 The staff as a whole is, honestly, one of the best I have ever interacted with (just loses to *rip* R3's staff). I've never seen any of you guys being rude at some member asking some stupid question, for example. Also, you recognise your mistakes and improve on them. Seriously, you guys are great. I just think the HWID resets are too slow. You guys could do better, that's why the 9. The Loader: 10/10 Most reviews skip the loader and focus only on the cheat, but I think @admin does a really good job at maintaining the loader and deserves some credit for it. He's always looking at feedback & he's always improving based on them. He also interacts a lot on the forum and seems to be a pretty chill guy. The loader is, as I said above, currently a lot better than it was before. Fast, simple, pretty and functional, just like a loader should be. The Cheat: 9/10 • Legit bot: 4.5/10 I know zeus is a cheat that focus on HvH, but there is a legit bot, so... Well, at least it's in there. There are not many options and to be fair, most of the time it doesn't look legit at all. You have aim-fov, smooth scale, RCS scale, RCS smoothness & legit backtracking. That's it. No aim-curve, no always on RCS, no weapon configs, and so on. • Rage bot: 10/10 Precise, efficient & very customizable. You have everything you need. Also, zeus has one of the best resolvers, if not the best, as of today. Seriously, with the right settings, it's almost perfect. • Visuals: 9/10 After the August 03 update, the visuals section is almost perfect. Customizable, a lot of options and easy to configure. You can toggle indivual ESP features, there's night mode, multi material chams, local chams, weapon chams, arms chams, local glow, animation bar that helps you to peek with a scout, for example; and so on. There are a lot of options, but not one single of them is useless. That's what's special about zeus. • NoSpread: 10/10 Simply amazing. This is what I mostly play and I can say: fuck, zeus does an amazing job. And the most important part is that zeus was never a nospread cheat. With the right settings, you can "own" anyone. With a resolver this good, you can play nospread with a spread config & still do good lol. It became this good in just a few months. Seriously, @reis, you did an incredible job. Overall, zeus is easily the best csgo cheat as of today. Public or non-public, zeus is the #1. You guys have my respect for working this hard on a cheat this good while maintaining it public for everyone to get.
  7. I see you're playing on the best HvH spread server shit I thought I had limited the AWPs to 2 per team wtf nice media btw
  8. a review of a beta user

    wise words bro
  9. a review of a beta user

    yea bro I'll download it it's not that I didn't like it, I don't care. the point is that it's useless
  10. a review of a beta user

    nice english that's not the point of what I said retard beta users test beta features? no shit lmao it's stupid to state in every fucking post that you are a beta user "is a straw as are beta users" I mean what the fuck does that even mean also, this review is pointless because: 1. given the thread title (review of a beta user), you're reviewing the beta. since beta isn't available to every user, it's completely retarded to make a review of it 2. it doesn't actually review any feature. "this cheat is the best" bro this statement is in every cheat forum, even in fucking lethality. make an actual review next time
  11. a review of a beta user

    zeus is a good cheat. has it's issues like every other cheat but still, a good cheat. these beta users who always state they're beta users in every single thread/video: they're sad people with low self-esteem who need to feel superior in at least something in their lives. I mean who gives a shit lmao
  12. Zeus vs Gamesense.pub ft nardows cfgs

    @Bananamandan84 nice to see you using my configs, have fun! (:
  13. Zeus vs Gamesense.pub ft nardows cfgs

    it's second half, retard. he was playing as t before
  14. Gamersclub

    yes lol https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/75ljh3/former_employee_of_gamersclub_confirms_malware_in/
  15. welcome xaNe =D

    so much autistic cancer in this thread

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