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  1. Why you can't currently buy getze.us?

    brain function disabled [x]
  2. Hello dear people. A few days ago @eevee announed that getze.us "Beta stage" will be buyable BUT in a slotted amount of users. That means there was just a limited amount of people that were able to purchase the product to test and report anything wrong before the "actuall" release. In that way the cheat did not get overflown with bad reports and a bad income picture of the cheat release. So, be patient everybody that has not gotten to purchase the product in the store. It will be re-opend after a while from testing and reporting. ETA: unknown Thank you. Regards
  3. Payment

    will stripe be added, i dont have access to use paypal
  4. Last day with Zeus

  5. Zeus New Skeet.cc?!!

    Bannanna ok? lol just out here talking shit.. getchu

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