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  1. i wrote the banner btw hire me for yours @everyone

  2. how can i be beta user

    Our slots are currently filled. We're not sure when/if we're going to offer more beta slots. Once we're out of beta phase, you'll be able to purchase as a user.
  3. Beta

    We're currently full of users. This was a slotted beta phase, offered as first come first served. As of right now, we're not offering anymore slots.
  4. collaboration

    We're currently not interested in collaboration.
  5. Honest Review.

    locked cuz bumping a week old thread
  6. Mamma raised me as a thug

    I mean if you were around at the time cheats released originally you'd probably know they're usually not that great There is literally a disclaimer on the front page of the forums stating that literally nothing in the cheat is finished right now and the reason for launch is specifically to expedite the finding of bugs. Thanks for the feedback tho, maybe make it a little more constructive instead of being so hostile next time
  7. Mamma raised me as a thug

    It does pretty well against every main p2c, not much more can be expected out of a cheat that's testing phase started less than a week ago.
  8. thats a real pretty pfp

    1. happy


      ty gamer


  9. zeus media

    n1 ch(g)a(y)nce
  10. Birb hank review

    thanks for the feedback gamer boy

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