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  1. about the release

    as you can see it's out... @admin @ray what about the tf2 cheat?
  2. Payment methods?

  3. Payment methods?

    fart fart
  4. Payment methods?

    its clap clap
  5. Getze.us Payment!

  6. paysafecard

    It should be 25$ but im not sure. Contact Mar1k on discord to know the exact price: Mar1k#1993
  7. legit bot question

    only aimbot, there is not a triggerbot
  8. zeus sub

    are you trying to pay with the paypal balance?

    @Amorwarecontact Mar1k on discord: Mar1k#1993
  10. Hello i need help

    nice to know that
  11. Hello i need help

    well, so as eevee said in your previous thread, you cant buy it with the same card.
  12. Hello i need help

    I think if you try to buy it with the same card you'll get an error, but you can always try to pay with a different card.
  13. Getze.us Question

    its not detected and yes i you can use it to legit cheat.
  14. Few questions

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. I cant tell you every features, but i can tell you that there is a legitbot. 4. Zeus is undetected since the release if im right.

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