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  1. God | getze.us

    good job
  2. thats a real pretty pfp

    1. happy


      ty gamer


  3. Birb hank review

    bravo bai catel
  4. zeus media

    good media by good player and lifetime beta
  5. Why you can't currently buy getze.us?

    good i know how to work with my hands and i bought it. btw i can do a lot with my hands @admin
  6. Review on zeus Honest And VERY Detailed !

    approved, one of the best desyncs out there if not the best. resolver needs a lot of improvements, but atleast it does not miss baim like other cheats do
  7. Round against fatality & onetap.su

    +rep i see myself
  8. pl4tYpus Rage-Ban

    ye but u trashtalked, and you know it.
  9. pl4tYpus Rage-Ban

    he banned u cuz ur a trashtalker and ur shit at hvh
  10. Dear staff - trial request

    There is no trial. Try again later.
  11. Fastest review ever

    @eevee give this man a week plus. best review
  12. "I'm not cheating" ft. Getze.Us

    legits have the best aa's out there m8
  13. The first days with zeus

    ba dc nu ai zis ma ca ai facut media. nice.

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