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  1. about css

    Hello there. I remember we had here css cheat too so no more css cheat? Will be great if you guys can add css
  2. Old aimware user.

    zeus is really P . Just played against 2 toxic nazis lol they both holded behind the rekt and my teammate left after 2 loosing round lol just dominated those dogs. Only gamesex can do something against zeus but no worries we got em!
  3. server crashers!

    What a low life fags! https://imgur.com/a/PXCFT
  4. 5 Year Old Aimware Kids Crashing The Server Again

    Yeah yesterday I got into match like was 1 vs 2 i really shit on them score was 7-1 lol and kids just crashed the server looll that shit is really popular nowdays. I hate that aimware community bunch of lil pricks...

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