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  1. review, i guess

    Reeeee! Buy a sub!!
  2. My Review of getze.us

    Beste hake!?
  3. This shit pretty lit fam

    I don’t really get the joke in your sentence there but it’s good you’re enjoying the cheat. Keep hitting PP boi
  4. Best Getze.us/Eagle Software Reveiw

    Not bad review 👍🏼 Although I disagree with you on misc and visuals, they’re underrated !! But it looks like you enjoy the cheat and I’m sure the staffs appreciate the review although you should add more reason and facts on what fixed should be pushed as you mentioned it
  5. 1 Month zeus review

    Come back with us 😢
  6. Help Loader/Server

    I’ve had this issue before where I can load on one site and can’t load on another when know it’s online. It’s not just with zeus forums, I’ve had it with eso forum and pastelak (aw) forum. Check your WiFi as that’s how I fixed it
  7. I'm Back - no.1 ft. getze.us

    For videos 16:9 is nicer to watch but I guess if youre looking to play smoother at higher fps then yeah 4:3 > all
  8. I'm Back - no.1 ft. getze.us

    Not bad, I dont really like the song and the visuals you use but the clips are good
  9. The first days with zeus

    Look good P cheat and now we got new update!
  10. xaNe best user

    xaNe getting big views hhhh
  11. xaNe kickin ass

    Xane go collect your sisters knickers from empires bedroom dog ❤️
  12. zeus hitting p with free configs

    Nice vid but plz use nightmode bcz without it, its kanker
  13. breaking resolvers

    Salvatore, which one are you, daemon or Stephen 😜
  14. Legit + More

    It isn’t detected although the new Vacnet update might get you a gameban... Although it’s nothing to do with the cheat! The legitbot has got a few updates and has the basic features that is needed for legit cheating

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