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  1. bird hake oof

    So here u have my honest Testimonial (because im waiting till @reis updates visuals so I write this testimonial) Ragebot (9/10): - Ragebot is really good. The Resolver isn't bad, I like when enemys LBY Updates and you tap them, I got some fps drops sometimes when it comes to autowall players thats why I reduced (-0,5 P.) in the rating. Also auto zeus is kinda buggy aswell (-0,5 P.). Everything works fine in the ragebot, the lby isn't bad if u have the right delta even skeet shots at it. Resolver is p resolving people moving and standing so no - Points for Resolver. Visuals(8/10): - The Visuals aren't that bad and also not that good its the average. I don't like the new Healthbar without HP Indicator and the Colors Indicator, I prefer the old one tbh (-1 P.). The new Chams with different Options like Glass and much more things are pretty good, same opinion with the glow. I just want to choice the color of the backtrack chams. But I heard reis added that in the new Update (Im hypped) also Color Option for Fov Arrows would be cool aswell just do it like the snap lines color. I dont like the Wallbang Crosshair (-1 P.). because its so thin and it looks ugly. Also the Alpha of the Spread Crosshair could be aswell a bit lower because it isnt really "invisble" (-0 P.) And also fix bug that remove models only work if chams are enabled (-0 P) Misc(9/10): - Everything is perfect in misc, the auto strafer, Manual Anti Aim, Fake Lag, etc. Fake Latency is kinda bugged like it shoots more fake (imo) so I will give it (-1 P.) we need stuff like Knifebot but we arent here in suggestions (my suggestions can be found here). That was my honest Testimonial, overall the bird hake ist p100 - greetz alex
  2. u like tacos?

  3. 1v5 meme

    Can u give me ur anti aim settings like the angles and the aa type, because mine arent really sideways theyre kinda backwards and turn rare sideways screens of real and fake would be enough ty. Greetz

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