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  1. Review

    says the guys that has nothing on his profile and joined in 2k17
  2. Review

    sounds like a uid error
  3. Just cs?

    are you guys just going to make a cs hack or are you going to make multiple hacks for multiple games?
  4. R.I.P Getze

  5. R.I.P Getze

    R.i.P Getze going to miss this cheat. Good luck on your future endeavors @eevee @admin @ray @hollow @nejD @reis
  6. b1g n1ce

    Thx tommy
  7. b1g n1ce

    bannanna how am 1 a retard
  8. b1g n1ce

    damn 1 d1dn't know people could be th1s tr1ggered over a meme.
  9. b1g n1ce

  10. b1g n1ce

    can someone buy me a sub i miss this cheat i want to make more intros for the community. if someone can buy me a sub ill make an intro just for you
  11. its not hard to make a config. find a free one a change stuff around to match your play style that's how I learned to config.
  12. wut you don't know how to config.
  13. zeus is better then aw js

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