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  1. omg zeus need update shit Hak refund.meme

    What do you mean the lag exploit has been patched?
  2. Zeus MM HVH game

  3. Scout Ace :D

  4. Zeus after another update

    Although my fps was low the previous round I got a 4k Love the new update, I am tapping so much now. Some of them were lag exploiting but I still got them too.
  5. review

    Amazing review, very in-depth. +1
  6. 2V2 Wingman (1 Skeeter)

    Got back to Global as well
  7. skeet xiME and dogs raped by FLEXX gang

    Yeah you got more reps because your ''gang'' are +repping each other on most posts.
  8. First game after the new update (1v2)

    One was Zeus and the other was ayyware actually. I have beaten aimware alot aswell ofc but it was my first game after the update.
  9. First game after the new update (1v2)

    Very good update ty @reis I died once because I had my knife out
  10. SKEET gettin fleXXed by stabile männer

    https://gyazo.com/256786854c27e3187ed7562133320c52 Okay?
  11. 2 skeet vs 2 zeus

  12. Carl you got skeet right? @carl
  13. zeus beta gameplay

    Whats new or is dis secret info.

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