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  1. one last time with getze.us

  2. HvH with zeus too stronk

    click me for free eagles
  3. Zeus hitting pUpdates

    HvH with zeus
  4. I give zeus: Rage: (9/10) -- Can tap skeet, aimware, mutiny, etc. Other overrated cheats too. If you have a good cfg which I can get you @ selly.gg/@snail you can tap w/scout, auto, and even a fucking negev if you wanted! Legit: (I dont fucking know who cares, this isnt a legit cheat) Visuals: (10/10) ----There is a lot of fps lag which can easily be fixed, and other people have this problem as well.. (maybe im stupid) NoSpread: (if you have a good cfg it can tap some cheats\\ 8/10)
  5. AU HVH fun with birdhake

    using two different cheats in video but its pretty fun playing HvH in Australia Losh HvH highlights
  6. HvH with eagle highlights

    bird hake highlights
  7. HvH Highlights | Getze.us | Jompey

    Leave a like if u enjoy it
  8. HvH Highlights | Getze.us | Jompey

  9. 1v2 Wingman 20-4

  10. Review

    I am new to Zeus, however played with it enough to setup a cfg and hvh (I’ve been hvhing a while so I am not a new player) Welp here it goes... Misc (9/10): The misc is pretty good. It includes fake lag (jitter, flunctuate, max, in air only, etc), bhop + auto strafer, circle strafer, clantag changer, skin changer, etc. It does however lack some features such as noname, maybe a chat spammer, etc. Visuals (6/10): The visuals are very basic, and straight to the point. Boxes, name, health bar, chams, skeleton, night mode, ASUS walls for both world and props, bullet lines, glow, crosshair, no smoke, no flash, no sky, no visual recoil, debug fov changer, viewmodel fov changer, thirdperson, etc. It does, however, lack different chams, health text, transparent local player while scoped, sound esp, visibility checks, a skybox changer, etc. Legit (4/10): Zeus is meant for rage, however, it has backtracking. Although very basic, it is all that you need to do well while staying legit, aslong as your aim is decent to begin with. Rage (9/10): The rage is very good. The resolver is decent, and it has binds for anti aim, hitscan, auto wall, silent aim, a fake lag resolver, position adjustment, hit chance, min damage, baim when lethal/when not resolved/in air, at target, freestanding, etc. It does, however, lack fake walk, and a player list. Conclusion: In conclusion, it is a good start. This is a new version and is already hitting p. It mainly needs fake walk, maybe a simple tickbase fix since lby breaker misses with lower FPS, local player alpha changer, maybe flip head while “Fake”, a playerlist, a skybox changer, different materials for chams, and PLEASE INVITE ONLY!!! Make this a premiere hack, don’t let this become just another p2c. Now... would I buy again? Absolutely

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