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  1. Free Configs In The Video Comments! Free Configs In The Video Comments! Free Configs In The Video Comments! Free Configs In The Video Comments! Free Configs In The Video Comments!
  2. sub / comment / like YT Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDghlo5GPjt4RApFwHhjtGQ
  3. Zeus free cfg Clips

    Free cfg for auto and scout
  4. First Day Back With Zeus!

  5. Suicide ft. GetZe.us

    Hf watching the vid. Likes / Comments are welcome. My Steam (CLICK) My Discord - M1#1337 p.s. im not retarded to sell cfgs so if u want to try them just pm me in discord.
  6. CS:GO HvH ft. Getze.us

    CS:GO HvH ft. Getze.us
  7. zeus update hittin p

  8. You're My Bitch ft. GetZe.us @YT

    You're My Bitch ft. GetZe.us. GL & HF Watching the vid. Likes & Comments are welcome. My Steam
  9. Please review and say what can i do better. Im actually noob at hvh, newcomer. First media made ( Made in 5 hours non stop with recording )
  10. Fuck AImware Video Part 2

  11. Fuck AImware Video

  12. zeus nospread build media album

    media album (updated daily) discord: isabella#3137 config: https://selly.gg/p/0e94f382 disclaimer: i have a spread album too so i felt this was necessary, scroll down to see all the new 4 kills max screenshots https://imgur.com/a/dF5mS
  13. Best hvh moments #4 | ft. Eagle

    I made my 4th video with zeus. I hope that new video will be better

  15. new vid my first vid my legit video my fakelag troll video gameplay made with zeus my newest vid... i remade all my configs and tested them in wingman thx for watching | get good, getze.us ~ aaronlyy
  16. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/399342683686043658/399360108510838804/we.png configuration can be found here both users in image are skeet.cc known and long time users
  17. Wingman Global Elite Media

    ASYM Using my Scout cfg up for sale, grabbed some nice media in Global Elite. https://imgur.com/a/HIw1M
  18. pMedia

    ^ xaNe rq'd this match.. couldn't handle the pConfig ^^ pConfigs :thinking: ^ to many T's rq'd.... ^^ :3 pMedia boi's.
  19. Tapping ¿Skeet? Guy

    GET GOOD, GET ZEUS! Rediz & Tomy.
  20. Selling Configs here : https://selly.gg/@PandaOCD Cheap Bundle CFG'S 5€ for 2 scout cfgs and 2 auto cfgs. Also use Code : 25OFFCFGS to get 25% off on scout and auto config.

    BEST CFG FOR ZEUS!! Cheap and one of the best zeus cfgs! Selly.gg/@LarssoN https://gyazo.com/afd0a16e4f847af334039831b3cc71ff
  22. HVH media made in 2 days

    https://prntscr.com/hljw6y https://prntscr.com/hljwz4 https://prntscr.com/hljx39 https://prntscr.com/hljxhl https://prntscr.com/hljxoa https://prntscr.com/hljxws my cfg>>selly.gg/@D4RKNESS

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