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  1. Dark Light

    Config in description
  2. free nospread hs config zeus!!!

    /cfg made by @Clyde
  3. NoSpread Media

    Honestly people who say that zeus cant nospread or complain just hush. some treadhack kid was in the server and that still doesnt stop zeus. treadhack <<<<<<<<<< zeus ez. add me on discord for the config if you want. <3 wise#2989
  4. welcome to the party

  5. https://pastebin.com/vaQdLDa4
  6. without you ft.getze.us

    So, I have decided to put my config up for sale, you can purchase it at selly.gg/@samscfgs . No changes have been made to the config before uploading, and I will keep on developing this config so if you plan on purchasing it be assured that you will receive possibly day-by-day updates.
  7. Zeus is by far the best public cheat and beats most private/invite only cheats, and here is some proof. Hope you enjoy. (If you want cfgs msg me on discord 2gud#0104)
  8. Psycho ft. getze.us

  9. Suicide ft. GetZe.us

    Hf watching the vid. Likes / Comments are welcome. My Steam (CLICK) My Discord - M1#1337 p.s. im not retarded to sell cfgs so if u want to try them just pm me in discord.
  10. Palace ft. getze.us

  11. Configs are not showing ip

    Hi i have just dragged a few configs into my csgo folder where they are meant to go for some reason they are not showing up on the cheat i have restarted my game but still nothing any help?
  12. Lazy Sunday Groove ft. getze.us

  13. Welcome back getze.us

  14. hard ft. getze.us

  15. Fuck AImware Video Part 2


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