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  1. Drug Addicts ft getze.us

  2. First Day With Deathrow(getze.us)

  3. Mi Mi Mi ft. GetZe.us

    HF watching the vid Likes & Comments re allowed. Me in Steam (Click) My discord - M1#1337 My discord Channel (Click)
  4. Ciao ft. GetZe.us @YT

    hf watching the vid p.s. likes/comments are welcome my steam (click) my discord server (click)
  5. HvH Montage using Zeus (getze.us) [p]Configs: $5 / https://selly.gg/@SoKa [p]Discord: https://discord.gg/RCwbYsX --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- [p]Editing: ~Software: After Effects [AE] ~Render time: 2.25 hours ~Editing time: 5 hours If you would like me to do an edit for you message me on Discord 'SoKa#2483'. Prices will vary depending on length and what you want. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Zeus user forever <3
  6. Suicide ft. GetZe.us

    Hf watching the vid. Likes / Comments are welcome. My Steam (CLICK) My Discord - M1#1337 p.s. im not retarded to sell cfgs so if u want to try them just pm me in discord.
  7. You're My Bitch ft. GetZe.us @YT

    You're My Bitch ft. GetZe.us. GL & HF Watching the vid. Likes & Comments are welcome. My Steam
  8. Zeus - The Superior P2C. @YT

    Zeus - The Superiour P2C. Get good, get zeus. Hf watching the vid. </3 me in steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/trannybear/ hvh legend group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/hvhlegend likes & comments are welcome ^w^
  9. an eagle media vid

    dabbed upon gamers
  10. Important media

    When you can cheat better than other cheaters in a video game
  11. Best hvh moments #4 | ft. Eagle

    I made my 4th video with zeus. I hope that new video will be better
  12. eagle software #zeus

    Not even shooted my fake ;P you: u know im not actually using rifk you: Player: yeah i found out you: im testing my friends shit paste http://prntscr.com/iwrpfo
  13. Gonna start this off with a sorry, I underestimated this cheat after it fell under some dark times but it has well recovered and kicks ass as it has before. Alright; let's go. Aimbot (Rage Only): It's powerful, Are you looking for the ability to rival every other cheat out there? Look no further. Nothing is perfect but this sure as hell comes close and will give your enemy one hell of a fight. Rating: 10/10 Visuals: It's lacking in some aspects but there really isn't much you can say. It offers what you could possibly want, just not enough option/styles. Rating: 7/10 Misc: Covers the basics. Nothing to really say here. Rating: 10/10 Overall: 9/10. If you want a good and reliable cheat that can absolutely compete with everything else, get zeus. If done right you'll be b1g hvh legend
  14. im an b1g NN ft. getze.us

    Its my first video and... I dont know I dont think there are good clips.
  15. Best hvh moments #3 | ft. Eagle

    I made my 3rd video with zeus. I hope that new video will be better
  16. Best hvh moments #2 | ft. Eagle

    Hello guys! I've just made my best video so far! Cfgs are in description
  17. Best media with Eagle №1

    So I made this video about Eagle software <3 Enjoy! I wish that tou will like this video) It was very hard for me to make it cuz Im using AF since yesterday Eagle #1
  18. I bought it again <3

    Finally I bought zeus again) I really like this cheat cuz visuals are sexy and resolver is op. Today I wanna show to you what can zeus does vs exploits and 1 ways. I'll make video later <3 I love zeus
  19. Pigeon logo sucks

    if you dont keep the eagle as the logo this cheat is trash. fuk that pigeon. dropped
  20. Clutching with 5 kills is easy

    Accidentally recorded this in 720 instead of 1080 ;(

    When i found out American Eagle was making cheats i knew i had to get it, best decision of my life tbch
  22. Review of zeus

    Ragebot been using this cheat for 24h+. it was easy to configure and really good in hvh. (I don't know how to spell definitely so I copied and pasted it) definitely better then skeet. 100%. Visuals I mean how can you mess this up. Visuals 10/10 compared to other cheats. Cheat doesn't give blue screen and force you to restart your files. b1g + Misc its good. everything in there needed. thanks 4 r3ading my r3vi3w. buy z3us best hake on market and cheapest to ishitz. (iwebz) but this bird hake best cheat ever recommend for wingman. a2lo this review is short because my brain cannot hold more then 500 words. b1g s0rry also legitbot wasn't in here since it's not fully out I believe and it wouldn't be fair to give a rating without actually being out. ok now my head hurts goodbye
  23. HvH video


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