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  1. Dark Light

    Config in description
  2. free nospread hs config zeus!!!

    /cfg made by @Clyde
  3. Some zeus highlights

    Sub bitches
  4. NoSpread Media

    Honestly people who say that zeus cant nospread or complain just hush. some treadhack kid was in the server and that still doesnt stop zeus. treadhack <<<<<<<<<< zeus ez. add me on discord for the config if you want. <3 wise#2989
  5. Zeus free cfg Clips

    Free cfg for auto and scout
  7. my friend wanted this posted, his sub ran out, go sub to him nibba
  8. goodbye skeet.cc | nospread cfg

    B1gSkeetTap.CFG -UPDATED**
  9. fuck skeet.cc nospread cfg

    p$ilent = b1g cfg
  10. Zeus is by far the best public cheat and beats most private/invite only cheats, and here is some proof. Hope you enjoy. (If you want cfgs msg me on discord 2gud#0104)
  11. Please review and say what can i do better. Im actually noob at hvh, newcomer. First media made ( Made in 5 hours non stop with recording )
  12. fat med1a


  14. giving the op configs at 180 sub here is the download link http://www.mediafire.com/file/lnt1q3lqog2ambu/aim+configs.rar
  15. nice config xane

    xane auto config : https://pastebin.com/ARpqsmX2 for more leaks: https://discord.gg/YzsEeF

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