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  1. You must watch this!

  2. A few days with ZEUS

    A few days with Getze.us, I realy like this cheat
  3. B1rd Hake Pew Pew

    Just having some fun and sharing. This is not beta, but I just thought i'd share. Feel Free to give beta so I can media more *Cough* *Cough* (totally not begging).
  4. Gas the skeeter spams about 10 bullets then gets killed by my 300 real ping XDDDD srry for 4:3
  5. Burd Hake Review

    Ragebot: 9 /10 Wheres AW without its cute little exploits? Zeus is definitely the best public cheat, great resolver, taps basically anyone. Legitbot: ?/10 Could use more features before I actually review this. Best Burd HaKE Anyways pretty sure my sub ends today so yeh leavin this review. Gud cheat getze.us, kep it oop ! Small Media for small Match
  6. EAGLE SOFTWARE = OP Score: 15/0/1 Points: 30
  7. Small HvH Vid of a few clips I got with getze.us, Would recommend as a public cheat and if there werent so many exploiters it would do as the best public cheat imo. Video: Config Used: Mine
  8. 1st hour

    https://ibb.co/hbEKVn https://ibb.co/hTFhi7 https://ibb.co/kUiwAn
  9. first ever montage!

    first ever HvH montage! lmk if its good!
  10. skaterade - A day full of hvh

    This is my first video if u like it sub and join our community link under the description. I accept critism of course! Have a nice day everyone! I'm in the video and i made it. if u want add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/PurpleDraaank/
  11. pure rape with the best configs!

    Here you guys have some pure rape
  12. Mad AW User

  13. Old getze.us resolver hittin p! I added s1ntax's paid scout cfg which is updated for the latest zeus update. More videos coming soon, with better highlights, etc. I'm just too lazy to actually play many hours a day just to get highlights.
  14. Hey, guys new video here! with free op configs and paid op configs! 70 subs? and i release all me configs for free. join me discord channel for the configs! : https://discord.gg/XeGPPGA
  15. Hey, guys i uploaded a new video, im just started with youtube videos, 50 subs and i release all the configs im using in the video, video :
  16. #1 getze.us HvH Highlights | AU HvH

    First edit so dont hate #1 getze.us HvH Highlights | AU HvH
  17. media

    Free configs in youtube video description! (Not up to date, but give them a try) Sub, like x)

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