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Found 7 results

  1. Joined a server on a 8v8 and it ended up on a 5v6. The top-3 terrorist players were AWPing since the beggining (all of them are sk**t users). Well, it seems that not even AWPing can save these guys. Bonus - by april/warfill
  2. Zues v01

    First media, fast because of the song. Depending on support I'll keep the editing style or change it to plain media clips together (easier and faster).
  3. WHO RUN IT | ft.Eagle

    New video with nospread part
  4. Best hvh moments #3 | ft. Eagle

    I made my 3rd video with zeus. I hope that new video will be better
  5. very hot review

    henlo this are my review on the birb hacnks Ragebot: almonst verby gud It's good but the resolver is pooper sometimes. fix plnx Legitbot: ??? Haven't used it yet. Visuals: verby gud Hot esp :):) Misc: verby gud!!11 Everything works and haven't ran into any problems with it. Overall: very cheat nice i lyke get goood get birb hnak

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