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  1. God | getze.us

  2. pinging's review

    Aimbot: 7/10 (due to being in beta I think its more than enough as the cheat came back literally after 1 year :)) AA: 9/10 The cheat has great potential of being the best non-invite hack again like last year The resolver may need some tweaking but I am pretty sure as the cheat is worked on it will be much better in the future.
  3. Highlights

  4. Last days with getze.us :\

  5. free nospread hs config zeus!!!

    /cfg made by @Clyde
  6. All Girls Are The Same ft. GetZe.us

    likes/comments are allowed my discord - M1#1337
  7. Hacked by RouterRage

  8. Free Configs In The Video Comments! Free Configs In The Video Comments! Free Configs In The Video Comments! Free Configs In The Video Comments! Free Configs In The Video Comments!
  9. Zeus Review [Honest input}

    When it comes to HvH p2c, usually two providers come to mind, they both have large communities, experienced coders, and a knowledgable staff team, so it can be difficult picking a cheat. I'm here to help! HvH is just as much about playstyle as it is about your config and cheat, Zeus is a great cheat for an aggressive play style. I set up a scout config in 5 minutes, and was hitting plenty of head. Zeus also comes equipped with a customizable fakewalk speed up to 14 ticks (pretty fast for fakewalk), so if you prefer the auto dont be afraid to take on enemies around a corner. If you are more of a passive player that doesnt like to rush, Zeus has a great set of anti aims, customizable LBY settings, a powerful freestanding, and the functionality to manually change where your head is using bindable keys (I suggest left arrow keys for left, right for right, etc) if you dont like what freestanding is doing. The visuals in Zeus are honestly pretty insane, and customizable. The ESP is great and you can see enemies far away. The cheat feels very smooth and doesnt cause FPS drops. Zeus is a really nice cheat to use and I'm going to enjoy my month I have with it. Props to devs and staff team.
  10. Back on it ft. GetZe.us

    likes/comments are allowed My DS - M1#1337
  11. Best hvh moments 5 | ft. Eagle

    Zeus is so good
  12. p video trust me!!! write below what should i change plz
  13. reuploud, plz dont delet youtube enjoy guys

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