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  1. Clutching with 5 kills is easy

    Accidentally recorded this in 720 instead of 1080 ;(
  2. ske3t.cc vs getze.us

    Full game vs skeeter after i tapped him he rq and blocked me his frends hhhhhhhhh Getze.us #1
  3. 1 Day in Wingman!

    both used skeet! ( bax and spartan ) Shoutout to @sax0n
  4. B1g Infowolfe

    So me and my friends just qued against Infowolfe and then my friend just asked for 8/8 cuz it was pretty late and he used kidua. He said okay so we just went smooth not tryhardin. after a few rounds i throw a molly and then he got mad. and said that he will tryhard but still ended up in getting fucked but we are cool so we still did 8/8 next game we qued again against him and he ended up with rq
  5. Some Media

    he had skeet btw
  6. Just some Media

    big skeeter rq
  7. bird hank vs skeet


  9. https://selly.gg/@swyy

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