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  1. Review new Getze.us [PT/EN]

    Este é um Review Honesto na minha linguagem e também na linguagem em Inglês então vamos lá Rage - 7/10 O Resolver precisa ser melhorado de scout o cheat bate bastante porém muito baim, e de Auto é bem díficil de acertar cabeça porém baim acerta facilmente Anti Aim - 10/10 Atualmente é um dos melhores, bem configurado ele faz os outros hitarem fake facilmente, parabéns aos codificadores Visuals - 5/10 Tive problemas no VIsuals em questão de quedas de fps, não são frequentes porém tem quedas, o visual é bonito porém precisa de otimização urgente ! Misc/SKins - 8/10 não há muito oque deste items mas são bem simplificados e funcionais Menu - 4/10 O menu me desapontou bastante, ele é muito confuso e a fonte faz com que muitas das resoluções não consiga ler o menu ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is an honest review in my language and also in English language so come on Rage - 7/10 The Resolver needs to be improved from scout the cheat hits a lot but very hard, and Auto is pretty hard to hit head but badly hits right Anti Aim - 10/10 Currently one of the best, well configured it makes others fake easily, congratulations to the coders Visuals - 5/10 I had problems with VIsuals because of fps drops, they are not frequent but there are drops, the look is beautiful but needs urgent optimization! Misc / SKins - 8/10 there is not much of these items but they are very simplified and functional Menu - 4/10 The menu has disappointed me a lot, it is very confusing and the font makes many resolutions unable to read the menu youtube.com/SlayerHvH
  2. pinging's review

    Aimbot: 7/10 (due to being in beta I think its more than enough as the cheat came back literally after 1 year :)) AA: 9/10 The cheat has great potential of being the best non-invite hack again like last year The resolver may need some tweaking but I am pretty sure as the cheat is worked on it will be much better in the future.
  3. [zeus review]

    I am using this cheat for 4 months. I can tell that its the best rn. Ragebot [10/10] Everything is perfect cannot say anything negative love the resolver, Just peeking with scout and waiting ppl to peek with auto, tapping lby. Visuals [9.5/10] Visuals are clear, there are a lot of options you can choose pretty chams. Only thing that I don't like is the fakewalk animfix Maybe someone including me would like to see this animfix for fakewalk https://youtu.be/5NuMyh1N6KI (talking about fatality one] Misc [10/10] Everything works, as I remember I did not see any bugs etc. Legitbot [5/10] but I mean, playing legit is pretty boring, atleast for me.
  4. So I used Aimware for about 6 months (mostly legit cheating because the rage cheat was dog shit most of the time; yes I had good cfgs, no my playstyle wasn't shit but I can't fix a resolver that misses shots on people who's anti-aims aren't even on.) Well lets start with the legit bot since that's what I mostly used on gayware. The legit bot is a pretty big fucking meme which is fine considering it's an HvH cheat, but I do wish it was better. The minimum FOV being 1 is kinda gay, I like to use 0.8 FOV for my legit bot and somewhere around 8 smoothing, it doesn't flick and it relies mostly on me aiming (which I like to do since it helps me practice even if only slightly). I have no fucking clue what the legit bots recoil smoothing does, even after reading this thread: A complete description of every feature in the Eagle CS:GO cheat. That's basically it, the backtrackings good the smoothing is fine; oh wait the recoil control is fucking weird so I'm use to aimwares how it controls the recoil control the whole time you're shooting regardless if you're aiming at an enemy or not; with Zeus if they strafe out of your crosshair and you get them back into it it just randomly fucking snaps back to where the recoil control should have already been and it's sketch as fuck, also makes it so you can't target swap mid spray which is gay as fuck. Oh also you can see their chams through smoke and that can't be disabled big laff Now onto the actual stuff you guys care about. Rage settings: I'd say Zeus has one of if not the best resolvers at the moment; 90% of my peeks are hits, 80% of those are instant head shots, 5% of my peeks are just my toes being raped by a dude with an auto, and the other 5% are "missed shot due to spread". The aimbot itself does a good job and no matter what I choose for target selection it always manages to 1tap someone before I die to the other 3 people peeking me at once. The fix-lag option is pretty useful and I think it does a good job of delaying and predicting fake lag fags (such as myself), the only downside is that it can't resolve someone that's fakewalking... like.. at all. Anti-aims are aight; I feel like no matter what you choose just setting backwards for all 3 is the best option, but I'm also half retarded so yeah.

    I'm sorry if this is too long, but you should definitely take a look at this review if you're willing to buy the cheat. I guarantee you won't regret it Also, if you're starting in HvH, feel free to take a look at my configs, they're free: https://getze.us/forum/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=3237 Intro Hello. I started playing CS at 2011 with CS: Source & started HvHing in 2013 (yeah it was a lot nicer & actually funny), so I have a bit of experience, hehe. I first bought this cheat on December 2017, one month after the comeback. The (csgo) cheat was on it's early stages: there were some general bugs but overall zeus was really good. It was easily the best public csgo cheat available. The loader, however, was a bit slow sometimes & the login screen was a bit ugly to be fair, hehe. Then it happened, zeus got cracked. Again. But I think that didn't matter much this time around. Of course, having the product you worked so hard on being released publicly for free is bad, but that made a lot of security improvements happen. Overall, the staff did a really good job at handling the situation. In February I stopped playing CS because of college. I came back in July and fuck, a lot has changed. New menu, even better resolver, finally a legit bot, an amazing nospread mode, new visual options, and so on. Not only the csgo cheat, the loader is a lot better as well: faster (a hell of a lot faster), prettier & I'm sure it's even more secure. It is really good to see that you guys keep evolving in every aspect. Also, whoever worked on the new menu did an amazing job. Fit that many options without making it feel cluttered is really hard. Congrats. The Staff: 9/10 The staff as a whole is, honestly, one of the best I have ever interacted with (just loses to *rip* R3's staff). I've never seen any of you guys being rude at some member asking some stupid question, for example. Also, you recognise your mistakes and improve on them. Seriously, you guys are great. I just think the HWID resets are too slow. You guys could do better, that's why the 9. The Loader: 10/10 Most reviews skip the loader and focus only on the cheat, but I think @admin does a really good job at maintaining the loader and deserves some credit for it. He's always looking at feedback & he's always improving based on them. He also interacts a lot on the forum and seems to be a pretty chill guy. The loader is, as I said above, currently a lot better than it was before. Fast, simple, pretty and functional, just like a loader should be. The Cheat: 9/10 • Legit bot: 4.5/10 I know zeus is a cheat that focus on HvH, but there is a legit bot, so... Well, at least it's in there. There are not many options and to be fair, most of the time it doesn't look legit at all. You have aim-fov, smooth scale, RCS scale, RCS smoothness & legit backtracking. That's it. No aim-curve, no always on RCS, no weapon configs, and so on. • Rage bot: 10/10 Precise, efficient & very customizable. You have everything you need. Also, zeus has one of the best resolvers, if not the best, as of today. Seriously, with the right settings, it's almost perfect. • Visuals: 9/10 After the August 03 update, the visuals section is almost perfect. Customizable, a lot of options and easy to configure. You can toggle indivual ESP features, there's night mode, multi material chams, local chams, weapon chams, arms chams, local glow, animation bar that helps you to peek with a scout, for example; and so on. There are a lot of options, but not one single of them is useless. That's what's special about zeus. • NoSpread: 10/10 Simply amazing. This is what I mostly play and I can say: fuck, zeus does an amazing job. And the most important part is that zeus was never a nospread cheat. With the right settings, you can "own" anyone. With a resolver this good, you can play nospread with a spread config & still do good lol. It became this good in just a few months. Seriously, @reis, you did an incredible job. Overall, zeus is easily the best csgo cheat as of today. Public or non-public, zeus is the #1. You guys have my respect for working this hard on a cheat this good while maintaining it public for everyone to get.
  6. Legit Bot: 4/10 awful for legit i hope they make a good legit update soon its good sometimes but when i use it in servers it just locks no matter the smoothing and hitboxes dont buy this just for legit if you thought that was going to be a good idea Rage Bot: 10/10 This rage bot is the best i have ever used there are some fixes that need to be pushed but nothing major some missing features that would make the cheat for fun but right now it is near god damn perfect i love Zeus its better than any other public/private cheat out on the market right now better than skeet/aimware/legit any other p2c/private cheat Visuals: 7/10 there are some key things i would like to see come into the cheat like weapon chams and some other misc stuff also another hitmarker sound than just skeet i would love to see a custom zeus hitsound or other ones Misc: 5/10 there is almost nothing in the misc tab its almost blank i would love to see kill says and other sorts come in to play (hint hint add lua scripts ) This concludes my review of eagle software an almost perfect cheat
  7. Review after 1 day

    Cheats i have used before: Aimware, supremacy, bitwise, alot of rando dll pastes and hentaiware. Compared to all those other cheats i can say zeus has the best resolver out of them all since i rarely shoot fake- Resolver 10/10 The anti aim seems to work r good compared to supremacy or aimware i get people to shoot my fake with the same settings as the other cheats- AA 9/10 Visuals are very costomisable and the letters aren't bulky nor tiniy, perfect to read and to keep is simple.- Visuals 10/10 Misc has everything all the other cheats had all combined soo..- Misc 11/10 Overall opinion on the cheat: The cheat can deffinetly compete with all the other cheats on the market even with the private cheats wont be a problem. My overall rating would be a 9.5/10 for this cheat. ps: first time writing a review-- b1g n00b.
  8. Review After 1 Week

    Ok, so let me start by saying this cheat ain't perfect but it is very good and affordable for it's price Legit 9/10 I don't use this cheat for legit play but there are lots of functions you can use to make it look good not 10/10 as there are better cheats for legit play. HvH 10/10 pros: Taps every cheat (even skeet), AA is good and easy to configure, menu is easy to use, lots of good features. cons: fake ping broken (for now), freestanding could be better. Visuals 9/10 I think this cheat looks amazing but I wish there would be a way to change enemy chams (maybe I'm missing something?) . Best part of the cheat is the amazing admins and forums, there will always be someone who will help you if you encounter a bug!! Overall this is the best cheat I've ever used!
  9. Review

    Alright ive had the cheat for about 15 days , its honetly the best public p2c cheat ive seen , 10/10 on everything , i tap skeet on the regular , amazing , woth the 20 bucks
  10. Eagle Software Review: Overall the cheat is amazing great menu look easy to configure and run's very smooth and no fps drops! Pros: Very Nice looking menu ; easy to config ; runs amazing ; few to no fps drops ; fast injection time ; easy to inject ; auto login ; + many more.! Cons: Some features hard to find ; save and load config button a lil to small easy to misclick ; other then that this is the BEST hvh cheat i have ever used!
  11. I'm going to keep it simple easy to understand: Ragebot: Overall the ragebot is relatively good there aren't any issues which could cause you to lose. I would give it a strong 8/10. You might disagree, although in the end, it depend on config / play style, and most importantly: opinion. (I don't know if I just got lucky but I believe with the right config you can even rage matchmaking anti-aiming so yeah). Legitbot: Legitbot is pretty basic although you don't really need a lot of it. It gets the job done, end of story. I would give 7/10 due to lack of options. (Again depends on your play style). Visuals: Visuals are my favourite. phat 10/10; they're clear to read, look nice and they are not a distraction at all. Furthermore, there are also various different complex visual options which you don't tend to see with other cheats. Improvements: Well a major issue in my opinion is the "at target" option in the rage -> Anti aim tab. What I find superbly annoying is the fact it tends to switch right at the edge, basically when an enemy is shoulder peaking with a scout fake lagging the anti aim will flick back behind a wall away from him, although if he continues to do it the anti aim switches out in the open which usually results in animation backtrack and a massive oof. It would really help if the anti aim adjusted it's position when enemy drawn, not right at the edge, something that Aimware has. (Also a feature which positions it's self based upon multiple enemies would be nice). Also regarding the anti aim, a pitch jitter / pitch angle adjust would be helpful for example: for no spread, where the pitch jitters to prevent enemy resolving player. Another feature which could be implemented is: an ESP which would possibly show on radar positions of smokes, flashes etc. It would be more of a legit feature which could help adapt to a situation and change play style etc. Overall the cheat is relatively stable in my opinion. With a good config it can be really good, (I'm not going to say it is skeet slaying since the score can depend), it can be really good VS other higher end cheats such as: Styles, Supremacy, Ev0lve, etc. Overall score I would say easily 8.5/9 out of 10. Yeah the cheat gets so much shit in the community whatever everyone chats shit it's 2018, however it has proven at least to me it is worth getting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PS If any admin is nice enough to hit me up with a free month for this review and being a customer from pretty much the start, it would be legendary. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Gonna start this off with a sorry, I underestimated this cheat after it fell under some dark times but it has well recovered and kicks ass as it has before. Alright; let's go. Aimbot (Rage Only): It's powerful, Are you looking for the ability to rival every other cheat out there? Look no further. Nothing is perfect but this sure as hell comes close and will give your enemy one hell of a fight. Rating: 10/10 Visuals: It's lacking in some aspects but there really isn't much you can say. It offers what you could possibly want, just not enough option/styles. Rating: 7/10 Misc: Covers the basics. Nothing to really say here. Rating: 10/10 Overall: 9/10. If you want a good and reliable cheat that can absolutely compete with everything else, get zeus. If done right you'll be b1g hvh legend
  13. Review

    I bought this hack yesterday, and I'm lovin' it (McDonald's) Nice hackerino makes my dickerino weterino
  14. Review of Zeus

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to tell u what i think about Zeus. Im not from an english Country so sry for my language. So im gonna to start now. I just bought Zeus and downloaded the launcher . I started the cheat without any issues and inject it. Legitbot 4/10 Idk if they will add more features but now its cancer. Ragebot 10/10 Best Ragebot for advanced users and newcomers. Its sure that Skeet is better but u need an invite code so Visuals 9/10 quite the same like aimware and AW visuals are great af. misc 8/10 default stuff like clanchanger..BUT why is there no auto accept ? everyone have it and i think its one of the easiest thing to do. config : 10/10 idk what u should add there to make it "better" but for now everything works fine result :9/10 iam not the best in maths but for hvh and raging its one of the best cheats u can get. sry for my spelling Have a great Day!
  15. 2 days review

    Sooo ive had this cheat for 2 days and heres my review I'm currently enjoying this cheat unlike aimware. Rage bot: 9/10 sometimes hits fakes but what can you do still good tho Legit bot: not finished hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Visuals : 11/10 idk but for a p2c has pretty good visuals Misc: 8/10 casual shit Overall : 11/10 I mean shit it shoots fakes but still hits p liking it more than fucking aimware!
  16. Legit Bot 9/10: It's pretty difficult to rate this because of how little legit features Eagle has, but I decided to queue up for a couple of games of Prime mm (LEM) with the cheat and I was really suprised at how smooth the backtracking was and how much better it made me perform. I gave it a 9/10 because although it does not have many legit features due to it being an HvH cheat, the ones it does have are very strong. Rage Bot 9.5/10: During the time I've had with the cheat, I've played close to 25 wingman games and have spent around 2 hours on various HvH servers. What I've found is that on wingman, you can tap almost anyone from silver to LEM with an average config. I've used pretty much every big public p2c over the last 3 years and the rage bot on Eagle is the most powerful by far and relativley simple to config. Once you get above LEM on wingman, you will need to play much smarter and get a really well-optimized config in order to win games handily. I gave it a 9.5/10 because it is the most powerful HvH cheat I've ever used, but very occasionally you can lose games if your opponent is using a good cheat and your config isn't up to par. Visuals 10/10: For an HvH cheat, it has every visual feature you could ask for, and that's all I have to say on the visuals, they're perfect. The dark mode is cleaner than any cheat I've ever used, and the prop transparency is awesome. Misc 10/10: Don't have anything to complain about on the misc tab, nearly every feature is better any cheat I've used, from the lag to the configs. Overall: This is easily the best HvH cheat I've ever used, I have very little to complain about and I'll be using Eagle over any cheat on the market right now. Thanks for reading. - Jon
  17. Hello fellow Zeus software users, or soon to be users. I have extensively played with and used the Zeus software for a while now and I have some pros and cons that might influence your potential purchase. Now, this is an honest review i'm not going to be just talking about the positive. So in short if your looking for a short message saying "Yeah this is a great product buy it" then please look elsewhere. Gui/Handing of product (4/5) When using this product, I have to say that it has an incredibly impressive in a game format. It is easy to understand and it lists everything that is included in the description of the product. It's easy to navigate and runs smoothly (This also depends on the power of your pc). The launcher looks good and even though it can lag here and there it is a crisp experience and a great way to incorporate an easy to way to inject into games. I would rate it a 5 if the product included a GET STARTED section explaining how to open and close the GUI aswell as manage the settings within. Pricing and Originality of the product (5/5) The prices for this product are extremely fair and even borderline a steal for the buyer. Everything inside is able to rearrange if need be (as long as you know what you are doing) and i've never seen the certain "cheats" included in any other product as cheap as this one. You really do get a big bang for your buck. This product is also not a copy and paste of other products online, it is original and crisp and works. Safety (4/5) Plain and simple, no hack is 100% no ban guaranteed. However, this product is consistently updated and reviewed by the staff to make the best possible experience for the buyer to use. However, if you do not know what you are doing and decide to not follow the instructions on the forums, you will get banned. Before loading into any game or injecting please visit the site's forums to see how others use the injection. There is also configurations that can be made by the users to allow a more fluid gameplay in the game, (they can be paid and free) and depending which ones you use may influence your ban potential. Noob User Friendly (3/5) This product is noob friendly in some games, however, it is strongly encouraged that you visit the forums get started page before really injecting to a game. Now, this product does have some bugs such as; Glitching while in game, keybindings not working, crashing your game, dropping your games fps to 5, and not rendering the GUI (keep in mind this MAY or MAY NOT occur). These bugs are an easy fix and can be solved if you look in the forums and allow yourself to get familiar with the product, and most people do not want to look on the forums and decide to buy the product and then have it not work and then write an angry review online. I recommend a get started segment inside the product itself either in the launcher or the ingame gui. CONCLUSION: In short is this product worth your money: Hell yes, I guarantee you won't find this quality in another product that isn't 30$ and over. The product is changing constantly, updates are made and bugs are expected. There are things that need to be fixed but nothing that would destroy your experience as a buyer. PERSONAL PRODUCT RATING: (8/10) Pros: Clean UI Crisp launcher Great hacks Open for personal customization Amazing deal for the buyer Cons: Bugs (Guaranteed for any software out there) Not Noob User-Friendly Can crash games/Lag out your disk drive if not loaded properly There you have it thank you so much for reading up untill this point, and I hope I helped you make a decision whether or not you wish to become a customer.

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