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  1. First edit I put time into

    My first edited media that I actually TRIED, tell me how it is.
  2. Palace ft. getze.us

  3. ..

  4. Getze hvh clips TAPPING SCOUT

  5. Media Screenshot

    Media Screenshot Zeus god cheat
  6. Powerglide ft. Getze.us

  7. Zeus HvH Higlights

    I´m trying to make 1 Higlight video per week ^^ CSGO [Zeus] MM HvH Highlights #2 [Only Scout] ★ Check Out my Store! - https://selly.gg/@Luca1337
  8. free config

    I made this scout config it is pretty good i can tag people so here http://www.mediafire.com/file/p3c1u76406mcfb8/scout.ini
  9. hittin p with that scout

  10. Best hvh moments #2 | ft. Eagle

    Hello guys! I've just made my best video so far! Cfgs are in description
  11. getze.us Scout Clips

    Scout Clips #1 Scout Clips #2 Discord: Saint#6699
  12. Zeus is powerful its just a friendly media nothing to be hated for :p.
  13. #1 getze.us HvH Highlights | AU HvH

    First edit so dont hate #1 getze.us HvH Highlights | AU HvH
  14. pScouting

    GO LIKE!!! #fuckselly.gg
  15. giving free configs when i hit 50sub on my channel here is some videos with the configs hi guys as i said here is the configs enjoy http://www.mediafire.com/file/ebk7t9otmd5b4m1/aimmachine+zeus+configs.rar if you think the deagle is hitting slow, just change the hitchance to 77 like this post https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1GsU4dwshHWO7_qqoqBQHw/featured
  16. zeus wingman op deag&scout cfg

    making kids rq

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