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  1. zeus still tapping

  2. hvh awping

  3. Lazy Sunday Groove ft. getze.us

  4. Tapping with zeus!

    These are some pics i got while tapping with my configs. This is why Zeus > all Edited by happy: posting media is fine, but having your selly in the Title, in the post, and in the name of your screenshots is obviously a bit much. Next time put a post like this in marketplace instead of here.
  5. My last video /w Bird Hakke pCheat

    So, this is my day 0 (last days of sub) with GETZE.US and It was much fun, to tap skeet, munity lmao, kidua200ayy etc. This cheat is high quality, but still there are some things to improve, even though can recommend it to anybody boys. Cya in the future ma boys.

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