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  1. Mi Mi Mi ft. GetZe.us

    HF watching the vid Likes & Comments re allowed. Me in Steam (Click) My discord - M1#1337 My discord Channel (Click)
  2. I Wish ft. GetZe.us

    Hf watching the vid Likes/Comments are allowed MY STEAM (CLICK) MY DISCORD - M1#1337 MY DISCORD SERVER (CLICK)
  3. Suicide ft. GetZe.us

    Hf watching the vid. Likes / Comments are welcome. My Steam (CLICK) My Discord - M1#1337 p.s. im not retarded to sell cfgs so if u want to try them just pm me in discord.
  4. Zeus - The Superior P2C. @YT

    Zeus - The Superiour P2C. Get good, get zeus. Hf watching the vid. </3 me in steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/trannybear/ hvh legend group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/hvhlegend likes & comments are welcome ^w^

  6. Getze hvh clip :D (YT)

    not best clips buuuuuut idc
  7. Getze hvh clips

  8. new vid my first vid my legit video my fakelag troll video gameplay made with zeus my newest vid... i remade all my configs and tested them in wingman thx for watching | get good, getze.us ~ aaronlyy
  9. HvH Highlights | Getze.us | Jompey

  10. Just some clips I got this evening^^ The cheapest pconfigs from here https://selly.gg/@ax1s
  11. First media w/ Zeus (b1g warning)


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