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  1. Mi Mi Mi ft. GetZe.us

    HF watching the vid Likes & Comments re allowed. Me in Steam (Click) My discord - M1#1337 My discord Channel (Click)
  2. Suicide ft. GetZe.us

    Hf watching the vid. Likes / Comments are welcome. My Steam (CLICK) My Discord - M1#1337 p.s. im not retarded to sell cfgs so if u want to try them just pm me in discord.
  3. Getze hvh clips TAPPING SCOUT

  4. new vid my first vid my legit video my fakelag troll video gameplay made with zeus my newest vid... i remade all my configs and tested them in wingman thx for watching | get good, getze.us ~ aaronlyy
  5. 1 map hvh highlights

    Hi guys! I just uploaded a new video Subscribe if you want! You can get my configs @ selly.gg/@alsupreme
  6. Take it as you will

    2 weeks on My youtube
  7. First media w/ Zeus (b1g warning)


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