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  1. vlSharkY´s media

  2. zeus still tapping

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  4. one last time with getze.us

  5. [zeus review]

    I am using this cheat for 4 months. I can tell that its the best rn. Ragebot [10/10] Everything is perfect cannot say anything negative love the resolver, Just peeking with scout and waiting ppl to peek with auto, tapping lby. Visuals [9.5/10] Visuals are clear, there are a lot of options you can choose pretty chams. Only thing that I don't like is the fakewalk animfix Maybe someone including me would like to see this animfix for fakewalk https://youtu.be/5NuMyh1N6KI (talking about fatality one] Misc [10/10] Everything works, as I remember I did not see any bugs etc. Legitbot [5/10] but I mean, playing legit is pretty boring, atleast for me.
  6. So I used Aimware for about 6 months (mostly legit cheating because the rage cheat was dog shit most of the time; yes I had good cfgs, no my playstyle wasn't shit but I can't fix a resolver that misses shots on people who's anti-aims aren't even on.) Well lets start with the legit bot since that's what I mostly used on gayware. The legit bot is a pretty big fucking meme which is fine considering it's an HvH cheat, but I do wish it was better. The minimum FOV being 1 is kinda gay, I like to use 0.8 FOV for my legit bot and somewhere around 8 smoothing, it doesn't flick and it relies mostly on me aiming (which I like to do since it helps me practice even if only slightly). I have no fucking clue what the legit bots recoil smoothing does, even after reading this thread: A complete description of every feature in the Eagle CS:GO cheat. That's basically it, the backtrackings good the smoothing is fine; oh wait the recoil control is fucking weird so I'm use to aimwares how it controls the recoil control the whole time you're shooting regardless if you're aiming at an enemy or not; with Zeus if they strafe out of your crosshair and you get them back into it it just randomly fucking snaps back to where the recoil control should have already been and it's sketch as fuck, also makes it so you can't target swap mid spray which is gay as fuck. Oh also you can see their chams through smoke and that can't be disabled big laff Now onto the actual stuff you guys care about. Rage settings: I'd say Zeus has one of if not the best resolvers at the moment; 90% of my peeks are hits, 80% of those are instant head shots, 5% of my peeks are just my toes being raped by a dude with an auto, and the other 5% are "missed shot due to spread". The aimbot itself does a good job and no matter what I choose for target selection it always manages to 1tap someone before I die to the other 3 people peeking me at once. The fix-lag option is pretty useful and I think it does a good job of delaying and predicting fake lag fags (such as myself), the only downside is that it can't resolve someone that's fakewalking... like.. at all. Anti-aims are aight; I feel like no matter what you choose just setting backwards for all 3 is the best option, but I'm also half retarded so yeah.
  7. All Girls Are The Same ft. GetZe.us

    likes/comments are allowed my discord - M1#1337
  8. Free Configs In The Video Comments! Free Configs In The Video Comments! Free Configs In The Video Comments! Free Configs In The Video Comments! Free Configs In The Video Comments!
  9. Zeus Review [Honest input}

    When it comes to HvH p2c, usually two providers come to mind, they both have large communities, experienced coders, and a knowledgable staff team, so it can be difficult picking a cheat. I'm here to help! HvH is just as much about playstyle as it is about your config and cheat, Zeus is a great cheat for an aggressive play style. I set up a scout config in 5 minutes, and was hitting plenty of head. Zeus also comes equipped with a customizable fakewalk speed up to 14 ticks (pretty fast for fakewalk), so if you prefer the auto dont be afraid to take on enemies around a corner. If you are more of a passive player that doesnt like to rush, Zeus has a great set of anti aims, customizable LBY settings, a powerful freestanding, and the functionality to manually change where your head is using bindable keys (I suggest left arrow keys for left, right for right, etc) if you dont like what freestanding is doing. The visuals in Zeus are honestly pretty insane, and customizable. The ESP is great and you can see enemies far away. The cheat feels very smooth and doesnt cause FPS drops. Zeus is a really nice cheat to use and I'm going to enjoy my month I have with it. Props to devs and staff team.
  10. Back on it ft. GetZe.us

    likes/comments are allowed My DS - M1#1337
  11. p video trust me!!! write below what should i change plz
  12. reuploud, plz dont delet youtube enjoy guys
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