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What "Media" is used for.

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This area of the forums is for posting media with Zeus. This should be clear already, but we have an area of the forums called "Marketplace" specifically for advertising things. If you advertise in anywhere besides Marketplace, your post will be moved; if you violate this rule repeatedly, you will be restricted from posting. 

It is fine to have your Selly as your in-game name for screenshots. You can post a screenshot with your name as your Selly and say "refer to my steam if you'd like to buy configs" or something of that sort without trouble, so feel free to do that in your posts. 

Rules for bumping:

- Bumping is allowed with 24 hour breaks in between. 

- Replying to an ineffectual post on your topic (Such as a comment saying "nice" ) WILL be considered as bumping. If we see you doing this often, it will result in a posting restriction and your topic will be locked.


Criteria to get your post moved to marketplace:

- Advertising in the Title of the post

- Advertising in the contents of the post (excluding in-game screenshots)

- Bumping a post multiple times with your advertisement ANYWHERE in the post (INCLUDING screenshots)


If you follow these guidelines you shouldn't ever run into trouble with your posts in this topic. Before posting elsewhere, make sure to check for the rules specific to that sub-forum; if there are none, use common sense.

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