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honest review

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ive been using this cheat for about 8 days and im pleasantly surprised as to how much its improved.

Its improved so much since i got it 4 months ago. The community is nice, good coder and fast support

Ragebot: 9/10

Honestly dont know how u can improve. This cheat is so good and has every feature you will ever need. Its 9/10 because nospread needs a bit of work but spread is just amazing, I found myself getting an amazing score when i play smart with the right config

Legit: N/A

I havent used it

Visuals: 9/10

Visuals are pretty nice only features that could be added in my opinion are things like changeable local chams and local glow colors.

Misc: 10/10

everything you need. very nice circle strafer and some nice options.

Skinchanger: 10/10

I love this skin changer so much! it never bugs and u dont need to put in ids like with supremacy. i love the fact u can pick any skin.


Overall: 10/10

100% best public cheat for spread hvh. Amazing community and good price!

Here is some random media:


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Guest SmyggrekeN


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Guest Bobotov

Nice media. It’s very nice how reis added extended killfeed.

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Guest nejD

Thank you for the review.

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