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1 Month zeus review

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So yeah my zeus sub runs out today and i wanted to tell what i think about the cheat.

Zeus is prob the best p2c that is not invite only cheat out there.

Zeus is decent and u can get some nice kills with it but sometimes it just breaks and when i say breaks i really mean it fuckking breaks here is a litle list.

1. It starts to shoot at random fuckking fakes even tough it just hitted the real.

2. Sometimes r8 just spams ground for no reason

3. Peeks your real out for no reason.

4. 8 people in esp and i still have +60fps but zeus just decides to crash.

Overall zeus is good cheat, There is gonna be somedays when u cant hit anything and u just keep getting tapped but still it can perform well and im actually pretty happy that i bought zeus.

I would give zeus 9/10 and well and that said have fun and i love you all <3

And for the people struggling with configs here is my auto cfg i hope it helps.


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